Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Perfect time of year to win a hat!

Congratulations Alexia!!

Gramma is thinking about creating a new size of her hats and wants to know what you think!!

Check out the hats on Apples'n'Oranges and then answer the following questions and you will be entered into a draw to win a free Gramma's hat of your choice!!

- Do you think Gramma should create a 6-12 month size?
- What would the best design be for her to start with?
- Which hat would you want?

If you post about the contest on your blog you'll get a second entry. Contest closes December 8 at midnight. Good luck!!
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Andrea said...

1) Yes, I think a 6-12 month old size would go over well - that's what size I would take now for my son! :)
2) Not sure...but maybe one of the boyish ones (like the train one) and one more girly one, or else one that could be used for either (like the snowflake one!)
3) My favorite is the snowflake hat!

Melissa Markham said...

I think a 6-12 month hat would go over well.

Best design to star with...snowflake

I want the snowflake hat, but I want it in mommy size!

angelaandconnor at gmail.com said...

2. Im partial to the monster hat.. but I think the hudson hat would be a good first choice.
3. The Monster Boys Hat!!

jbubolz-miller said...

OH yes! I had a hard time finding a hat last year that didnt fall over my son's eyes- I dont want to tell you how many brick and mortar stores we went into in vain.
Best design is the snowflake
I love the train one!

AAB said...

1. I certainly put hats on my daughter when she was wearing 6-12 months size.
2. Hudson hat.
3. Snowflake hat.t

TheAngelForever said...

1 - Yes, I think a 6-12 month size would be a great idea. Lots of little ones in cold places could use these.

2 - The best design to start with would be Snowflake or Hudson since they are great for boys or girls.

3 - I think my favorite is the Hudson.

sara said...

Ok here goes:
1) Yes, I had a really hard time finding this type of hat last year when my son was about 4 months old...So I think you would benefit by that!
2)I would probably go with the snowflake design, since it could gender neutral.
3) My favorite is the snowflake design!

I love your hats...Would love to win one to keep my little man's noggin warm this year! Thanks for the chance to win!

Qtpies7 said...

1)I think there is a market for smaller hats!
2) I think she should start with the Hudson hat.
3) I want the car hat for Samuel, he would look so cute in it.

I am so excited that you are offering one up again!

Anonymous said...

Most definitely a 6-12 month hat.

1. I have a little guy that is a petite 13 months old. He was 6 weeks early and a 6-12 month hat would fit him still.

2. I love the hudson and snowflake ones.

3. I want a Hudson one for my little guy!

blogged ya: http://laurawilliamsmusings.blogspot.com/2007/11/wednesday-edition-of-contests-galore_28.html

Renae said...

Yes, I think it would be a great idea to offer the hats in 6-12 month size!

I think a good one to start with would be the snowflake design.

I LOVE the snowflake design! It's a Winter Wonderland here, so it would be fitting!


lusciousnis said...

1. Absolutely offer the 6-12 month size!

2. Snowflake hat!

3. Snowflake hat!

Andrea said...

1. Yes I think a 6-12 month would be great. I only wish my 2T could wear one. =)
2. I like the Friendly Monster to start out with. For boys or girls, cute!
3. I will take the friendly monster in pink. I LOVE THAT HAT!

I posted you on my blog.

Jason and Caryn said...

I adore those hats!

My little (not so little) boy is 5 months old but wearing 9-12 month clothes so definitely introduce a 6-12 month size! He doubled his birth weight at 12 weeks!

The best design to start with would be the snowflake especially because we are entering the winter season and people love cute holiday items

Of course I heart the snowflake hat!

windycindy said...

They are adorable hats. I would most likely choose the "Hudson!" A size
6-12 month would be wise. Also, some ideas for hats may be~ dog, cat, abc's, hearts, skier, more pattern
( stripes, plaids,etc )! Thanks,Cindi

mmsandrik said...

6-12 is very important since children's head sizes vary so much a 2 month old in the 90th percentile could wear a 6-12 size.

The Hudson

I adore the train and car designs.

Katie said...

1 Yes
2 snowflake
3 snowflake

Thank you for the chance to win. Great giveaway!

katie at dekabyte dot com

Jcollaird at aol dot com said...




Naomi said...


flower (girls heads seem to be smaller, typically)

I love the star hat the best, my husband has a scarf to match...

Doreen said...

2- snowflake or hudson
3-love the snowflake hat!

Laurie said...

1. Yes!
2. Snowflake~~ it could go either boy or girl.
3. Flower~~ because I have a brand new niece!

Maddie said...

1.) Yes, because babies NEED to wear a hat, esp. in the cold months...(and these are adorable!)
2.) Snowflake, because it's good for either sex.
3.)Flower, because I know the perfect little sweetie who could use it!

Thanks so much for letting me participate!

Lisa said...

1. Definitely yes! They keep them on well at this age:-)

2. The Snowflake. I love it!

3. It's a tough call between the snowflake and the elephant...probably the elephant though, because I have a new niece whose Momma is from Africa!

Jennifer said...

Yes she should make 6-12 months

The snowflake and pink flower one

My favorite is the pink flower too cute!

melissa said...

1) definitely, yes!
2) Hudson Hat or Snowflake Hat
3) Snowflake Hat - could definitely use it next winter for a little one arriving in the Spring!

toblerone said...

1. Yes, absolutely.
2. Start with the snowflake - it's a classic.
3. Love the trains - it would be great for our little one due in 4 weeks!

Stacey Moore said...

1. Of course!!
2. Trains!!
3. Snowflakes!!
Thanks for a great contest!!

Ginny said...

- Do you think Gramma should create a 6-12 month size? Sure why not
- What would the best design be for her to start with? I like snowflake & the flower ones for boys & girls
- Which hat would you want? Flower for sure, too cute!

I blogged about ya too :)

Alexia said...

1) YES!!!
2) I would say she should start with a unisex design like the snowflake or star
3) I would want the car design myself :)

I've posted about this on my blog!

heidistrawser at hotmail.com said...

1~ Definitely make one for 6-12 month olds!
2~ Start with something that would be for either sex~ as mentioned in the previous comments.
3~ I'd pick the car one for my son~ he'd go crazy!

Anna said...

2-something that is not gender specific
3-the snowflake hats are adorable!

Donna said...

Yes she should. I think she should start with the snowflake design. And I'd pick a pink snowflake hat for my little girl.

peppylady said...

Yes for the size
I like the "Hudson"
I like the Hudson for my self.

I'll have this up on my Monday Post

-TNChick- said...

- Do you think Gramma should create a 6-12 month size? Yes, certainly!

- What would the best design be for her to start with? Hudson - most universal, I think.

- Which hat would you want? The star is the colors could be changed. =)

Robin said...

Thanks for this contest! I love hats on kids. :) A 6-12 mo. size would be a great addition. And maybe go with one of the gn designs to test (I really don't think you'd have trouble selling them tho') - I hate to copy but I love the snowflake hat too. I also like the star tho' again, different colors perhaps... and I like the flower hat also. If I win tho' I'd probably have to choose the snowflake. :)
Thanks again and it was a pleasure checking out your site.
In case my profile doesn't contain my addy it is: cokelush (at) gmail (dot) com

The Saunders Family said...

I think that would be a good size...it's hard to find hats for the smaller ones!
how about a fallish hat, maybe orange with a brown tree on it, or brown with an orange pumpkin

i would like the pink flower

Lisa said...

1)I think a 6-12 month size would be wonderful!! I know I have a hard time finding hats for my dd...and my middle son as well because his head is so tiny.
2)I think the Hudson hat would be an excellent first choice.
3) The Hudson is my favorite too!

Lisa said...

Posted on my blog as well...


Unusually Unusual Mom said...

- Do you think Gramma should create a 6-12 month size?
Absolutely - little ones definitely need a cover for their noggins!
- What would the best design be for her to start with?
I love the snowlflake and the star for the beginner designs
- Which hat would you want?
Love the friendly monster! My boys would go wild!

lace said...

yes creating a smaller hat would be great.

Start with the snowflake

I like the snowflake and the hudson hats.

what wonderful hats. I have just learned to crochet and would find it difficult to make a hat.

Unusually Unusual Mom said...

Posted on my blog too!! Thanks!


frannie said...

*I think a hat in 6-12 months would sell well.

*maybe the star or snowflake. I think snowflake.

*I would have to say elephant, but I'm sure my son would choose the star... he is obsessed with them.

Valerie said...


I love these they're so cute! Anything with little animals on it I think!


Kait said...

1) Yes, 6-12 month hat would go over well--cute hats are for kids of all ages :)
2) Best design to start with? Maybe the friendly monster?
3) My favourites are the hudson and car designs.

Karen Freestone said...

1) Yes, I think Grandma should make hats of all sizes for kids.
2) The Hudson design is very cute on the little ones.
3) My fav design is the star.