Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Ultimate “I Buy Canadian” Blog Party is on!!

**Congratulations to our grand prize winner Meg; and our four other winners Kerry, Colleen, Fun with the Friesens and Jenn's World in Wynward. Stay tuned for a wrap up post - the reasons everyone believes in shopping Canadian are inspiring!**

The Ultimate "I Buy Canadian" Blog Party has begun!! We're loving reading all the reasons people choose to shop Canadian, so keep them coming (if not just for fun, then for all the great prizes!!)

This post will stay up at the top all week. (here is all the contest info) Add the link to your blog post to the Mr Linky or email us ( and we'll post it for you!

Apples'n'Oranges is offering FREE SHIPPING in Canada until July 2 when you enter coupon code shipcanadaday at checkout!

Happy reading and almost Canada Day!!

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Buy Canadian - posts submitted by email

Trudie and baby Robyn:

It's simple. Our family buys Canadian because we love the people of our country! As Canadians, we are all involved in items made in Canada - we support our health care system, Ontario education, social support networks, immigration policies, arts programs, science initiatives, historical preservations councils, environmental committees etc - which all serve to sculpt the varied beautiful people of Canada and the products produced. It only seems rational to direct our money back into our economy and proudly re-invest in ourselves! As a new mom, this takes additional meaning as buying Canadian products will only better the country my baby girl will grow up in.

(I also can't help but notice that Canadian products tend to be finely made with high quality material with an environmental conscience. *sigh* It makes me teary proud just to think of it!)

Thank you for selling Canadian products and my sincerest congratulations on your new store in Ottawa. We live in Toronto and will have to keep ordering online until our 7-month old daughter becomes more gracious on road trips :)


J'achète des produits canadiens parce qu'il s'agit bien souvent de produits de très grande qualité.


I like to buy Canadian......I very well might chose a Canadian article of clothing over something else just to keep the jobs in Canada. It would be great if all manufacturers would put a Canadian flag on their products if Canadian made. I think more would sell. Good luck with your store and trying to keep all things Canadian.
Isabel small children of my own but one great niece that would look great if your things.


My reasons for shopping canadian are:
-It's cheaper
-it's local and supports local businesses and companies
- you dont have to worry about it being recalled for safety
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Posts sent by email #3

Colleen (mom of Kira and Owen)
I try to buy Canadian, when I can. Why? Firstly, to support my amazing country and keep local companies in business. Secondly, I find the quality superior to any other, and thirdly, to support people like you, who are trying to make a living while spending as much time as they can with their families. I completely respect people who are willing to take a chance to make a better life for their families. Finally, I love that the products you offer are different than the mainstream and I like giving my children the opportunity to be unique and display their personalities. My son is only 6 months old so he's not yet displaying his own will, my daughter however is almost three and certainly does exert her personality (usually at the most inopportune times). One of her favourite shirts is the "Anything but Ordinary" t-shirt which describes her perfectly. Thank-you for creating this store and I plan to continue shopping in the future.


I don't have a blog, although it seems like I should. I didn't realize they
were 'the' thing for so many moms. I love your contest idea. It's a great
way for us to stop and think for a moment about the many reasons it is so
important to purposely support our national economy.
I shop Canadian because I want there to always be people in this country
making things and doing things they love at sustainable wages. I never want
to make a purchase for my young child that was made by a young child at
scant wages in dangerous conditions. I don't want my going to school
wearing shoes made by a child who will never see the inside of a classroom.
I don't want my children playing with toys which may have been painted with
lead based paint. I never want our country to rely on imports from
countries with deplorable human rights conditions.
Every time we pay a fair price for goods grown and/or made in Canada, we
support our own nation and build a stronger healthier country. Happy Canada


I buy Canadian because I feel that, among other things, the quality is higher and safety of products is important to me. I also like to support fellow small business owners and Canadian business.
Thanks ladies - what a wonderful idea for Canada Day!
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Posts submitted by email #2



Be aware of the impact of your dollars.
Having recently lost my job in a food manufacturing plant, I can speak all too well about the importance of buying locally and Canadian. After 100 years of local production, your local grocery store will be stocking peas and corn from China……buyer beware as the label hasn’t changed much. The landscape around my neighbourhood has, as the effects are large on a small rural community.

“ A locally owned independent business returns approximately 80% of each dollar spent back to the community. Local, independent businesses assist the community through a “multiplier effect”: one dollar spent at a locally owned business will return five times that amount within the community through city taxes, employees’ wages, and purchase of materials and supplies at other independent businesses.”

While its hard to avoid “made in China” all the time, if you have the option choose “made in Canada”.

Choice makes for a richer community.
Canadian business contributes more than just goods and services. They offer personalized attention, add diversity to our shopping options, and build strong neighborhoods by sustaining communities and linking neighbours (across Canada). Specifically, entrepreneurship fuels our Canadian economic prosperity and innovation……

Canadians are unique.

And…..I love what awesome and creative “stuff” I can find for my little one!


Shop Local - Buy Canadian

I love shopping local and supporting local businesses and even though most of the time it costs more, there is something to say about creative, authentic and delicious food & art created in this beautiful area. Why not "buy Canadian"? We are learning more and more about what it means to support local farmers and businesses. Now that its berry season I am looking forward to u-picking and stocking up for the winter. I am so excited that New Westminster is starting a farmer's market and I hope to check that out next week.

Ironically just a few days ago I was in Chapters looking in the cookbook section for children's recipes. There are a lot of recipes out there for home made baby & toddler food. In anticipation of becoming a parent I've been thinking lately about building a garden on my balcony in order to have fresh, organic food to feed myself and my child. There is a women in Steveston who recently started her own business helping people with balcony gardening. Living in a city where there aren't any farms it means driving my car a far distance in order to buy locally grown food. I would really like to get to a point of driving my car less. Locally grown to me means good flavours,products that are produced with such care and unique from the local big box store down the street.


Shop Local - Buy Canadian

Why Do I buy Canadian...??

Better products, cheaper shipping, and the canadian's are just so darn friendly!
I love supporting the stay at home moms that need a little extra income, and it's great meeting new people all across the country!

Be proud of our country and support the economy... BUY CANADIAN!!


Well, I shop Canadian for various reasons.

#1. I'm Canadian and I want to support other Canadian businesses and our economy.

#2. There are soooo many more cool things available in Canada now so I always check here first, even though I visit the US at least once a year! In fact, I was just there in May and spent a total of $31 US on purchases. That's it! it used to make me sweat coming back across the border. Not anymore!

#3. Lastly, I'm trying to a little bit greener. It's not an easy feat but wherever I can shorten the sales cycle, I'm happy to do just that. In fact, I signed up for an organic farming share this year and I can't wait to pick up my first basket of organic produce tomorrow - all farmed mere miles from my home. Yummy, fresh and locally grown!

I'm sure there are many more reasons out there to do it, but to sum it all up, I'm proud to be Canadian and proud to buy Canadian.

Happy Canada Day!
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Friday, June 20, 2008

Coming soon

On Wednesday I quit my job. Cuz you know why?


August 15 - Place d'Orleans shopping centre. OH YA!!!!
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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Networking networking networking!

It's been a busy week for Apples'n'Oranges! On Wednesday night we took part in an eWomen's Network accelerated networking event. Can I just say what an awesome experience that was! If there are any entrepreneurs reading this blog, or even if you're thinking about starting your own business, go check out eWomen's Network! They have chapters all over North America. At this particular event, we were numbered off into groups and had 30 seconds to introduce ourselves, talk about our business, and our business needs in the next 30-60 days. If anyone in the circle can help, they write a note on a business card and hand it to you! We met so many people this way - a fabulous lawyer who will do our incorporation, a printer who will make our new sign, even a woman who's husband is a magician which would be perfect for some of our events!

The best part of this night was getting to meet Kathryn Bechthold from The Mompreneur! She was amazing and inspiring and all around cool. What I loved about her was that she was real and approachable. It was so refreshing to meet a successful business woman who will sit and chat with you about anything - your business, kids, shopping, clothes - whatever the topic, in a way that makes you feel comfortable and inspired!

So many times I have attended PR related networking meetings and have often left feeling like I wasn't quite professional enough, didn't quite make enough money, didn't quite know the right people, and obviously wasn't wearing the right clothes. The feeling I got after eWomen was that I was a valued contributor in the room. People were impressed with our business, and what we had to offer and were genuinely interested in helping us succeed, so YAY! Five stars for eWomen's Network!
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Monday, June 16, 2008

What do you do for Canada Day?

Vicky and I live in Ottawa, the nation's capital, so Canada here is a HUGE deal. From what I gather, it's not like that in other cities across the country.

So I was curious as we approach the holiday - what do people do for Canada Day? Nothing, but just enjoy that it's a holiday and stay home and work on the garden? BBQs? Are there celebrations in your city/town?

For several years I went downtown, because downtown Ottawa on Canada Day is something everyone should experience. (I had no idea there was a web site!)

That being said, I don't think one needs to experience it repeatedly ;) So I stay far far away now. For quite a few years our group of friends went camping every year for Canada Day, but after the babies arrived we decided to call that one quits. Last year, my little family took off for one of the family cottages and I think that's probably what we'll do again this year, but I'm also really tempted by the Canada Day celebration in my little suburb.

Your turn - tell me what you like to do?

** Check out our Canada Day contest!**
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Don't miss out on our Ultimate I Buy Canadian Blog Party contest!!
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Monday, June 9, 2008

The Ultimate “I Buy Canadian” Blog Party

**Congratulations to our grand prize winner Meg; and our four other winners Kerry, Colleen, Fun with the Friesens and Jenn's World in Wynward. Stay tuned for a wrap up post - the reasons everyone believes in shopping Canadian are inspiring!**

** The contest is closed but there were so many great posts and reasons to shop Canadian - you really should go check them out! Plus - Free shipping in Canada continues until July 2! **

The Party is on
- read all the posts!

Over 7000 kms separate us from coast to coast, we drink beer, love our hockey, suffer through cold winters, black flies and mosquitos, and appologize often, eh? It’s hard to pin a single event or distinguishable feature on being Canadian, but as Canadians we all feel it! To celebrate the birth of our great Nation, we're hosting the Ultimate I Buy Canadian Blog Party!

The demand for Canadian goods is on the rise, and there’s no doubt as to why. By buying products from local companies you are supporting the Canadian economy and doing your part to reduce environmental costs of shipping products overseas. We strongly believe in the ‘buy local’ grass-roots movement, and hope you’ll get on board too!

We want to hear about your reasons for choosing to buy Canadian! Share your reasons with us and you could win one of many fabulous prize packages filled with Canadian products!

Prize packages will be awarded for best post and to three random participants just for entering. Stay tuned for more details.

The Prizes

  • -Apples'n'Oranges $100 gift certificate
  • -Peekaboo Beans girls' Mame Tee and boys' Koi Tee (your choice of size)
  • -Pippalily sling in your choice of fabric and size
  • -A custom designed t-shirt from Red Fish Kids
  • -A six-pack of hairclips and a headband from Bugalug
  • -A stuffed creation from Fabricawakuwaku
  • -A pair of squeaky shoes from Little Squeaky Feet
  • -A pair of shoes from Little Soles
  • -Baby shower cards, birth announcements, thank you cards and mommy calling cards from Kanvas Ink.
  • -A tie shirt from Rock and Rattle
  • - An apple dress from Fig Organic
  • -Jewellery from Jewellery by Erin
  • - A nursing cover from Small Potatoes
  • -$50 gift certificate to Haute Mama - capturing the fun and fashion of pregnancy - and beyond
  • - A BPA-free Starter Pack from Baby Be Green
  • - A Canadian music prize-pack from 106.9 The Bear
  • - Ladies’ Night Party Pak for 4! (Valued at approx. $45) from Foundation Studio Special Events
  • - An organic teething bonbon from Dress Me Up

  • How to enter

    Post your reasons for shopping Canadian on your blog during the week of June 22-28 and send us the link at We'll create a master list of posts on our blog for all to read. Don't have a blog? Send us an email explaining why you shop Canadian, we'll post it online for you. All entries must be submitted by midnight June 28 and the winners will be announced on July 1! Contest is open to Canadian residents only.

    We are Canadian. We buy Canadian.

    Extra chance to win!

    Add the following button to your blog to help spread the word about the contest and we'll enter you into an extra draw! Just leave a comment here to let us know you've done it!

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    Saturday, June 7, 2008

    Surprise sale!

    We're having a surprise sale! Shop now until June 15th and save 25% of all orders when you use the coupon code june25 at the checkout.
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