Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Buy Canadian - posts submitted by email

Trudie and baby Robyn:

It's simple. Our family buys Canadian because we love the people of our country! As Canadians, we are all involved in items made in Canada - we support our health care system, Ontario education, social support networks, immigration policies, arts programs, science initiatives, historical preservations councils, environmental committees etc - which all serve to sculpt the varied beautiful people of Canada and the products produced. It only seems rational to direct our money back into our economy and proudly re-invest in ourselves! As a new mom, this takes additional meaning as buying Canadian products will only better the country my baby girl will grow up in.

(I also can't help but notice that Canadian products tend to be finely made with high quality material with an environmental conscience. *sigh* It makes me teary proud just to think of it!)

Thank you for selling Canadian products and my sincerest congratulations on your new store in Ottawa. We live in Toronto and will have to keep ordering online until our 7-month old daughter becomes more gracious on road trips :)


J'achète des produits canadiens parce qu'il s'agit bien souvent de produits de très grande qualité.


I like to buy Canadian......I very well might chose a Canadian article of clothing over something else just to keep the jobs in Canada. It would be great if all manufacturers would put a Canadian flag on their products if Canadian made. I think more would sell. Good luck with your store and trying to keep all things Canadian.
Isabel small children of my own but one great niece that would look great if your things.


My reasons for shopping canadian are:
-It's cheaper
-it's local and supports local businesses and companies
- you dont have to worry about it being recalled for safety
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