Thursday, June 19, 2008

Networking networking networking!

It's been a busy week for Apples'n'Oranges! On Wednesday night we took part in an eWomen's Network accelerated networking event. Can I just say what an awesome experience that was! If there are any entrepreneurs reading this blog, or even if you're thinking about starting your own business, go check out eWomen's Network! They have chapters all over North America. At this particular event, we were numbered off into groups and had 30 seconds to introduce ourselves, talk about our business, and our business needs in the next 30-60 days. If anyone in the circle can help, they write a note on a business card and hand it to you! We met so many people this way - a fabulous lawyer who will do our incorporation, a printer who will make our new sign, even a woman who's husband is a magician which would be perfect for some of our events!

The best part of this night was getting to meet Kathryn Bechthold from The Mompreneur! She was amazing and inspiring and all around cool. What I loved about her was that she was real and approachable. It was so refreshing to meet a successful business woman who will sit and chat with you about anything - your business, kids, shopping, clothes - whatever the topic, in a way that makes you feel comfortable and inspired!

So many times I have attended PR related networking meetings and have often left feeling like I wasn't quite professional enough, didn't quite make enough money, didn't quite know the right people, and obviously wasn't wearing the right clothes. The feeling I got after eWomen was that I was a valued contributor in the room. People were impressed with our business, and what we had to offer and were genuinely interested in helping us succeed, so YAY! Five stars for eWomen's Network!
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Lara said...

Very awesome event - inspiring, great networking, I'm really excited to have become a member :)