Monday, June 16, 2008

What do you do for Canada Day?

Vicky and I live in Ottawa, the nation's capital, so Canada here is a HUGE deal. From what I gather, it's not like that in other cities across the country.

So I was curious as we approach the holiday - what do people do for Canada Day? Nothing, but just enjoy that it's a holiday and stay home and work on the garden? BBQs? Are there celebrations in your city/town?

For several years I went downtown, because downtown Ottawa on Canada Day is something everyone should experience. (I had no idea there was a web site!)

That being said, I don't think one needs to experience it repeatedly ;) So I stay far far away now. For quite a few years our group of friends went camping every year for Canada Day, but after the babies arrived we decided to call that one quits. Last year, my little family took off for one of the family cottages and I think that's probably what we'll do again this year, but I'm also really tempted by the Canada Day celebration in my little suburb.

Your turn - tell me what you like to do?

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Halyma said...

We have a relaxed open house in the afternoon chez nous on Canada Day. We live near the Byward Market so after we spend sometime walking around during the morning hours, we head home to prepare for the onslaught of friends and family who take advantage of our home as a base of operations and BBQ station for their own activities during the day.

Thanks for asking - now I have to go create the Facebook event!

Sarah Rosnes said...

We head down to Assiniboine Park in the afternoon for face painting, live bands, a picnic lunch and we hang out until the fireworks.

Sarah - from Winnipeg!