Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Push for publicity

Vicky and I both have diplomas in Public Relations - so we know all about what you should do to get lots of publicity for your business... but man, it takes a lot of time!! And time seems to be something we're really short of these days.

So we're doing the next best thing to trying to get our own publicity - we're getting someone else to do it! :)

I took the Public Relations program at Algonquin a bunch of years back, and the last semester of school is split half and half as a placement and a school-run PR agency. So I submitted us as potential clients and we've been accepted. YAY. Hopefully we'll get some good hits from it. And if you're a small business owner you may want to consider approaching colleges to see if you can get any free work in exchange for giving students real-world experience :)
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Anonymous said...

Cool. Good luck to you guys. I hope the Algonquin crew is super successful.