Monday, April 14, 2008

Earth day celebration

We are super excited for a number of reasons lately - most of them related to the fact that we met some awesome new people - the owners of Posh Kids Consignment Boutique.

Not only are they nice, they live and have a store in the same suburb as us - and we're going to be partnering with them!

Check out their web site - and if you're in Orleans, check out their store. But most of all - check our our earth day event!


Apples’n’Oranges and Posh Kids Consignment Boutique are joining forces to celebrate Earth Day in style! Join us for an exclusive eco-shopping event at Posh Kids Consignment Boutique - where you can shop and help build a cleaner world at the same time.

We’ll be serving coffee and refreshments (all fair trade and organic of course) and will be having draws to win great prizes.

What: Earth Day Celebration with Posh Kids and Apples’n’Oranges
When: Tuesday, April 22, 2008
6pm - 9pm
Who: Posh Kids sells high-end brands and designer clothing, accessories, equipment and toys for children – newborn to size 10. Apples’n’Oranges sells clothing for children aged 0-5 from exclusively Canadian companies and will be on site with a selection of organic clothing.
Where: Posh Kids Consignment Boutique
2445 St Joseph Blvd, Orleans

For more information:
Celia Lemieux : 613-834-2240
Lara Wellman: 613-282-9386

Bring your own coffee mug and/or shopping bag for an extra chance to win one of the many prizes available.

Prizes include:

* $25 Gift certificate Posh Kids Consignment Boutique
* $25 Gift certificate Apples’n’Oranges
* A leisure suit from Fig Organic
* Eco-friendly and organic goods

Did you know?

Buying and selling previously-owned clothing at Posh Kids is eco-friendly because it prevents needless waste.
- On average, 80% of textiles thrown away still have 75% of their wearability left.
There is an average of 7 kilograms of textile waste (clothes, bedding, curtains, etc.) per person in landfills throughout Canada.
- The textile industry is the second most polluting next to petrochemistry.

Protect the environment and your children from harsh chemicals by choosing clothing made of organic cotton offered by Apples n' Oranges.

- It takes one-quarter of a pound of chemicals to produce one conventional cotton T-shirt, and one-quarter of a pound of chemicals to produce 2 pairs of conventional men's boxer shorts.
- Conventional cotton: is the second most pesticide-laden crop in the world - after coffee and before tobacco.

Buying previously-owned toys is eco-friendly because it avoids the usual over-packaging
- An estimated 800,000 tonnes of toy packaging were dumped into our landfills during the Christmas 2007 season alone (Source: Greensword)
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Anonymous said...

Sounds like it will be awesome. And what a wonderful cause to celebrate at your event!

Meanwhile, I am waiting for you to announce your next open house. I'd really like to ride your coat tails and show off my wares to your loyal clientele.

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