Saturday, May 3, 2008

New products are in!

We have just received a shipment of Little Squeaky Feet Sandals! Check out these adorable Diva Sandals for girls, or the stylish Sebbie Sandals for boys. Squeaky shoes have a built in squeaker in the heel which squeaks with each step. The shoe will only squeak when little ones walk heel to toe and encourages young children to walk properly and not up on their toes. You'll definitely get noticed when you're out and about this summer.

We also just brought in a cheeky line of cards from Kanvas Ink. These cards just cracked us up, and we know you'll enjoy them too. Check out the Perfect Hookup, or the Bovine cards - they're perfect for those new and expectant moms.

Come and see us in person! Apples'n'Oranges will be at the Starr Gymnastics Baby and Kids Show tomorrow from 9:30-2:00.
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Brittney said...

Wow.. So cute, I love my sweet daughter very much and got a pair of comfortable sandals for her.