Thursday, October 4, 2007

Get em while they're hot!

When we get new items, they are highlighted in our "what's new" section, but when we get re-orders of really popular items, there's no way for people to know we've gotten more in. So I thought I'd give a little recap here on some of the hot items we've recently gotten more of in.

The Peekaboo beans line is always popular, but the Fairytale coat is out of this world cute and she sold out so quickly that she had a whole new batch made. We got our order this week and they're flying off the "shelves". Check them out, we won't have them for long!

The bugalug clips are now in, so check out the selection and don't forget you can use the coupon code blogclip10 for $2 off if you buy two pairs.

From kid brother we now have the long sleeve Trucking and Railway shirts available in both red and brown, and also up to size 8 (they fit small, so that would probably be more the right size for a 4 year old).

We also have a bunch of new inventory we need to get into the system, so keep your eyes open :)
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