Monday, October 1, 2007

Trade show tales

Vicky and I now have a few parties under our belt, and this past weekend we attended the Starr Gymnastics baby show. Every time we set up, we learn a little something more. And almost every time we set up, something different is the hit of the party/show. Which is great - is good to mix things up! :) These shoes were so popular we sold out of all the pairs we had with us!

And we're practically sold out of the clips we told you about the other day, so if you're interested in using the coupon code, wait a week or so until we get our new stock in.

We decided we need to invest in some heavy duty signage, so if anyone has advice on where to go, or what to get, we'd love to hear. Less than two weeks to our big launch party - so much still to do! :)

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AmyE said...

I highly recommend the signage that you pull up like a screen and put on the floor. You pull it up from the floor and clip the top to a stick. It takes about 15 seconds to set up, and because it rolls away into a plastic compartment, it will last forever (won't get banged around and dented or ripped).