Sunday, April 29, 2007

From mommy to entrepreneur

As Lara put it, we are really going to do this! I remember saying those exact words when my husband and I decided we were finally ready to do away with the birth control! The result- a wonderful, charming and oh-so-adorably cute little boy named Joel. The past 6 months have completely changed my life, and opened my eyes to a whole new world of baby products that I never knew (nor had a reason to know) existed!

Surviving an Ottawa winter with a baby means spending a lot of time mall walking, which I most certainly did my fair share of. And with mall walking comes, SPONTANEOUS baby purchases! Ok, so well not all of them were spontaneous, Joel REALLY did need those blue sunglasses from the Children's Place, and of course all of those clothes. Ah yes, the clothes, more specifically, the lack of baby clothes that aren't- to quote my husband - lame. Why does everything for boys have to have a cartoon character smack in the middle? I'm sorry if I don't want my son looking like he just got out of a Disney Cruise giftshop. Where am I going with this... I guess what I am trying to say is, when Lara told me about her idea to start an online business selling funky clothing and accessories for babies and children, how could I NOT jump on board!

Before Joel was born, I was put on bedrest for a few weeks due to hypertension. Being at home, and confined to my living room couch, I had a lot of time to think. Among the numerous books, movies and magazines my friends kept sending my way, the thing that I did the most was to think about my career in Communications and what I was going to do with about it. I have been working in Communications for the past seven years or so, jumping from job to job constantly seeking something that would make me happy. I would stay at a job for a year or two, just long enough to complete a learning curve and get bored of the work, and move on to something else. My last job hasn't been that bad, I worked with some great people and got to plan a few events working with children. But being at home has really made it clear to me that the reason why I keep job jumping every couple of years is because I'm obviously not happy in communications, regardless of the job- government, private or non-profit. Before I came to this realization the thought of giving up on the field entirely had never occurred to me. It seemed like a bit of a waste to throw away a degree and a PR diploma! Not so, Vicky! It won't be a waste! I will put my education to good use by starting a business in something that I am already passionate in- the field of babies and children. Not to mention the fact that both Lara and I have PR/Communications backgrounds will really give us an edge to succeed.

So friends, gather round and read about a wonderful journey of two friends and new moms who are about to become entrepreneurs.
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