Friday, July 13, 2007

If I put it in the closet as soon as I get home, maybe my husband won't know how much I've spent.

I used to love shopping for clothes, before I had a baby. Now I find it incredibly frustrating and I try to avoid it. I never find anything that fits properly, and well to be honest, I am too easily distracted by clothing for my son! It's so much more fun buying him cute little pairs of shoes, jeans, polo shirts and t-shirts. The best part is, *I* don't have to try anything on at all.

So my question to you is, what's your favourite thing to shop for for your baby? Are you as obsessed with baby shoes as I am? How about t-shirts? Does your baby have more than he or she would ever wear? How about girly girl stuff- I don't have a girl so I don't know- but tell us about the *just couldn't resist* purchases you've made.

Have you ever brought the clothes home, and put them right in the closet to blend in with the other hand-me-downs or garage sale finds, hoping your husband won't know that you spent another $50 of his hard-earned cash on baby clothes, AGAIN?

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