Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Clothing for kids

So we've hmmed, and hawwed, and tried different combinations, and tested our ideas with others, and in the end, none of the tag lines we tried were quite right.
Since we went through a fairly similar process with our name (remember kidwit? ;) we aren't too discouraged. For now, 'clothing for kids' describes what we do, and since Apples'n'Oranges doesn't describe itself all on it's own, we'll use that as our descriptor.
So for now, nobody wins the contest (I guess we'll have to come up with another contest to get rid of our prizes ;) but if anyone comes up with more ideas for a tag line, keep sending them our way. And don't be surprised if you see some of the ideas we had as sound bites on the site in the future - they won't all go to waste!
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Dani said...

Help! I am trying to order toddler clothes from Apples and Oranges, but the online companies that carry the products are saying Apples and Oranges is discontinuing the toddler line. I really like the KA255 product and want to order and shipment of approx. 100 of them. Please advise.

Dani said...

Help. I'm tryng to order Toddler clothes from Apples and Oranges for my customers with our logo on it, but every store that sells them is telling me that they are "discontinuing" the toddler line? Is this true? I love the Apples and Oranges KA255 and want to order a bunch of them. Please advise.

Lara said...

We're not the same Apples and Oranges I'm afraid so can't help out with this request..