Monday, July 16, 2007

What's that buzz, tell me what's happening?

We are definitely experiencing some Apples'n'Oranges buzz today! Lara and I have been busy ordering up a storm of inventory, and the responses we've been getting from our vendors has been nothing but positive. We are getting many positive reactions to our name- everyone seems to love it!

The highlight of my day was speaking with another fellow Mompreneur named Jessica (I won't spill the beans and tell you what company she is from), but she offered up so much praise and flattery by saying that she is very selective about choosing her retailers and was very impressed with what we were doing with A'n'O so far.

I'm so excited about how well the business is progressing that I'm getting butterflies! The inventory is going to start coming in this week and it's going to feel like Christmas opening up all the boxes!

Lara and I are going to do some errands this week; namely setting up a business bank account, going to IKEA to look at some storage options, and possibly visiting with some packaging companies.

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