Friday, June 22, 2007

Who are the people in your neighbourhood?

Good ol' Sesame Street. I've been enjoying watching the same old stuff that they've remastered to make a little more modern, or used as a background for Grover flailing around. And I enjoy that I now have an excuse to watch it again. hehe.
But really, that doesn't have much to do with this post other than making friends with your "neighbours" is a good thing. And in this case, I'm referring to other similar small businesses run in Ottawa by women. We're making friends with them, and trying to learn from them, and they're fabulous!!

Karen, who started Sugardaddy spent a great part of yesterday afternoon telling us about starting an online business in Ottawa, and helping us know what to do, and what to stay away from. She had great advice, and she has FABULOUS stuff. I have an ESPE wallet and change purse from her, and I'm already thinking about what I want to buy for when I go back to work! :)

Christina and Bridget from Workshop Boutique have also been fabulous. They answer questions whenever we have any, and send us names of people to work with. They just expanded their store in the Market and it is ALSO fabulous. I am currently sporting the headband and belt that is not a belt but a guitar strap, but who needs to stick to rules about what things are, that I bought at their re-launch party the other night.

While I'm on a kick of great small businesses in Ottawa, have you ever checked out Milkface? I bought my meit tai, my ring sling, and all the nursing bras that were ever worth wearing from her. She's online too, and definitely worth your time.
Vicky bought her baby hawk from the Extraordinary Baby Shoppe, so they too are worth your time.

These are some of the friends in my 'neighbourhood'. We'd love to keep talking to more!
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pinks & blues girls said...

Just came across your blog when I noticed you'd signed up for our Lucky Loop (thank you!!)... What a great idea to keep a log of this business venture! Much continued success to you, and I look forward to keeping up with your progress!

Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls