Monday, June 11, 2007

Help us out and you could win a prize!

The thing about having a great business name like Apples'n'Oranges means that we need a tag line that will let our customers know exactly what we are all about! The perfect tag line will be short, punchy, and memorable. We'll use it mainly on our business cards but also on our Web site. Essentially, we want our tag line to say something like "Your kids are unique, so shouldn't their clothes be too?"

This is where we need your help! If you suggest a tag line that we end up using, you'll win a fabulous prize:

your choice of an 18 month 'Give Peas a Chance' long-sleeve onesie, or the Modern Child-Unfriendly Alphabet Tea Towel.

Here are some guidelines

-no more than one line, however it can be more than one sentence.
-must have some mention of, or allude to funky hip children's clothing.

Here are some examples that we have come up with. Feel free to use parts of these examples to come up with something even catchier!

-Stand out in the fruit bowl
-Because no two are alike

You can submit your suggestions into the comments, or you can email them directly to me at

Contest closes June 17th.
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AmyE said...

Delightful duds for your distinctive darlings! or Designer duds for your distinctive darlings.

AmyE said...

Cute clothes for your kids.

AmyE said...

I also really like Stand out in the Fruit Bowl. That's good.

Apples n Oranges- for the cool kid on the block

Apples n Oranges- funky clothes for your kids

Apples n Oranges- clothing and accessories for kids who want to stand out in the fruit bowl.

Vicky said...

From Rosalind: Funky Apparel for your little seed (or seedling)

Vicky said...

Original kids clothing, because no two are alike.

Lida said...

How about;
Children's clothing that's the pick of the bunch
Quality kids clothes that are the pick of the bunch
Too Cheesy?

AmyE said...

Original kids clothing, because no two are alike.-- I like this one!

Vicky said...

From Kari:

Because kids are bananas!
Don't let their style be the pits!

Vicky said...

Another one from Rosalind: “Refreshing Apparel for your little squirt!”

Vicky said...

Christine Mensinga: Clothes so good, you could eat them.

Vicky said...

Jessica Van Dusen: Gear for the growing.

Vicky said...

Stand out in the fruit bowl; wear clothes from Apples'n'Oranges.

Vicky said...

From Ti:

-Common fruit, uncommon taste
-Why conform to the standard fruitbowl or Why conform to fruitbowl standards
-Vastly different... in every way.
-Commonly refreshing, uncommonly hip.
-Because seedlings have standards too.

Vicky said...

Not your average fruitbowl.

Unconventional clothing for kids.

Kids clothing that can't be compared.

Clothing for authentic kids.

Vicky said...

Apples'n'Oranges: Cool clothes to grow into.

pamused said...

so your kids stand out from the bunch

think outside the bushel

apparel outside the bushel

your kids'll be the tastiest fruit on the runway

because your kids have taste

starting 'em young with the tastiest style

making your kids the yummiest of the bunch

Anonymous said...

Personally, I would stay away from the "fruit bowl" comments. It may work against you with some customer groups for having a negative connotation.

I really like the "Funky Apparel for your little seedling" tag. It's very clever!

Miss Vicky said...

hip clothes for funky kids

kids' clothing that's beyond compare