Monday, June 18, 2007

More research

Today Lara and I are doing some more research. I just looked up Apples'n'Oranges in the Canadian Trademark Database and yippee there were no documents found! That means we don't have to worry about launching our business only to find some big business already has the name trademarked and is going to sue us. Fiouf.

Lara's in the process of inquiring about importing goods from the U.S. Seriously, there is so much to learn about starting a new business, and nothing is in the same place! GST numbers, Import/export numbers, zoning laws, vendor licenses, insurance for your house, insurance for your car... the list goes on. And it looks like all of these don't need to be set up until the last minute. Boo, if only we could plan ahead on all of these things while we're still at home with time on our hands. But no, both of us have signed on to start this business just as we're going back to school and work. Busy times ahead!!!
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Anonymous said...

...and now that you've posted that, someone can race you to the Trademark Office to register it first!

QOH said...

Beware of and don't be bullied by Apple, Inc. They tend to go after any company with a piece of fruit in their logo.