Monday, June 11, 2007

Getting the headquarters in order!

The Apples'n'Oranges company headquarters will be in my basement, in the office that we never use now that we have a laptop! I have two of those Expedit bookshelves from IKEA, which will be perfect for storing inventory. Before I can start setting up the new company office, I need to do some reorganization in my basement. I am going to put together a play area for Joel and move all his toys to one side of the basement. That way I can move out the bookcases from the office to make room for the storage. But before I can do that, husband needs to install some new shelving in our kitchen pantry so I can move all the kitchen stuff being stored on the Expedit bookshelves!

I am also going to get rid of a lot of items we don't use at a garage sale this coming weekend. If you are in the neighbourhood, come and check us out!
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