Saturday, May 26, 2007

And how would you like to pay for that?

Yesterday Vicky and I attended a meeting with a representative from one of the major Canadian banks. The meeting was sponsored by the Entrepreneurship Centre here in Ottawa, which offer workshops, consultation, and information we're trying to take advantage of as much as possible.

So we're meeting with this guy and finding out all kinds of interesting things in terms of bank accounts, etc, and then he asks, in passing, not as part of his advisory role, if we plan to offer PayPal as a payment option on the site. Hm. I don't know.

We are planning to sign up with credit card companies (Visa and Mastercard), but do many people still feel uncomfortable disclosing their credit card numbers online? Would people prefer to use their paypal accounts? I would really love some feedback on this from any of you.

Do you have a paypal account? Do you prefer to use it to your credit card? Would you prefer to use it because we are going to be a small unknown company? Are you perfectly fine with using your credit card? Share with me :)
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Anonymous said...

I exclusively use Paypal for online purchases because I have the option of using credit cards or bank account through Paypal. Also, there is the added security. Paypal has online fraud protection that goes WAY beyond anything any credit card I have ever held has.

Claudine said...

Although I do use my credit card online, I'm always happy to see the Paypal option! I like the security they offer and it keeps things simple! I don't worry about my credit card number being "misplaced" and found again either.
... but that's just me! :-)

AmyE said...

OK- now that I can post...
I use my credit cards online and have never had any problems. I do think it's nice to have options though. Someone might not bother to create a paypal account at checkout, while others might not checkout if credit card is the only option. the most important thing is security, so if you aren't going to go the paypal route, what are you going to do to ensure that our information is protected?

Roz said...

I never use my paypal account. So long as your website is SECURE, i have no problem using my credit card for online purchases. Just make sure you have the proper encryption or sercurity certificate or whatever (clearly not a web gal)