Thursday, May 10, 2007

A new logo and the iTheory

Tonight Lara and I met with Mike from Point25 , a pretty cool graphic designer who is going to create a logo for us. He had some great ideas and I'm excited to see what he will come up with! When we described our business and the funky, hip baby products we want to carry, Mike suggested we go with the iPod 'look'; you know the trendy, stylized images with funky colours and fonts. I think Mike is right on with that concept!

Mike also suggested that we come up with some avatars that we can use on our blog- I think this is a great idea! I wonder how Lara and I would look as cartoon characters?

Here's an interesting tangent... I just did a Wikipedia search for iPod, and came on to a page on the iTheory and how the whole 'i' concept started. In fact it was not Apple that started it, but the IHOP- International House of Pancake!

Look for our new logo in June!
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