Wednesday, May 9, 2007

We are sewing machines!

I remember having a LOT of bibs given to me before my son was born and thinking I would never go through them all. I realized that I needed to wait until he was eating to really understand how many bibs I would need, but I never had a clue! I think we have gone through six bibs today: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and learning to drink from a sippy cup and eat eating rice cakes got three more. So in this house you can never have too many good, decent sized bibs.
Enter our idea for a special Apples'N'Oranges promotional item! We're making bibs!! And anyone who hosts a party or who spends more than a certain amount of money, probably $50, will get one!
We are currently in full out bib making mode! And if you want one before we launch, I'm running a photo treasure hunt on my mommy blog where you can win two by participating, so check it out!

I'll post pictures of the bibs soon!
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