Friday, August 10, 2007

Are you sure he's safe in there? Isn't he going to fall out?

Before having my son, I never knew much about baby wearing. I had a friend who swore by her Baby Bjorn, but that was the first I'd really heard about the whole wearing your baby thing. I now have a Baby Bjorn of my own (sadly an expensive purchase that was rarely used), a MamaKangaroo pouch, and my all time favourite Baby Hawk. When I bought the Baby Hawk, my husband said "ANOTHER carrier?!?! Don't we have enough?" The answer is NO, we don't have enough! In fact, I would love a ring sling! And maybe another Baby Hawk in a different colour! Baby wearing seems to be the fashionable thing to do if you are a new mom these days, so why not have a closet full of slings to suit your mood, or your outfit!

Baby wearing makes sense to new moms today. It's easy to do, it's such a nice feeling having your baby close to you, it lets you have a free hand or two, you don't need to lug a stroller around with you, and really I could go on but you get the idea. Most of my mom friends in their 30s are wearing their babies. Even celebs in Hollywood are wearing their babies. But you know, I really think women in my mother's generation, and even the one before that don't seem to get it. I was stopped recently at the grocery store by an elderly woman concerned that my son was going to fall out of the Baby Hawk he was strapped into on my back. I've also received a lot of inquisitive looks as I carried Joel in the pouch sling.

Apples'n'Oranges is considering carrying a couple of varieties of baby carriers, but we'd like to know what you think! What's your favourite brand of carrier? Do you prefer a pouch, a ring sling, or a Mei Tei? And hey, while your at it share some of your baby wearing experiences with us! I'd love to hear other gems like "are you sure he's safe in there"?
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Qtpies7 said...

I've only gotten great comments on wearing my little man. It draws attention, and draws other baby wearers!
Ring slings are a hard product to carry, in my opinion, because it is hard to find the right sling for you. I have gone through 3 before I found one I could actually use. It was just frustrating before that. I didn't start wearing my baby until I was on my 7th baby! I tried with several kids, but it didn't work.
Now I would rather a wrap anyday! I have the Ultimate Baby Wrap that Target carries, and it is just the most amazing carrier to me. If I could carry Sam as safe and secure in something that didn't take so long to put on and drag on the ground getting dirty while putting it on, I'd have to buy another product! I am looking for one for the shower/pool, probably a pouch.

Jenn said...

I didn't wear my first child but I am considering it for the little one on the way. The only thing I had for my first was a Snugli, and that wasn't comfortable for either of us. I am a larger woman and need to know what is the best carrier for my body type. I am very interested to see what people have to say and hear their experiences!!

lace said...

I am still new to babywearing. The first carrier I used was a homemade pouch style. I loved it. I used directions I found at Karma Baby pouch slings.

Then I won a ring sling from Posh Papoose. This is a great sling. It did not take very long to figure it out. The 3 year old prefers it as it has padded rails. She says the other ones hurt her legs. I have truly enjoyed the ring sling.

I have recently purchased a mei tai from a sahm. I used it today for the first time and am now in love with it also. It is more comfortable than the ring sling as it uses both shoulders. It is not as fast to put on as the ring sling or pouch slings. I also don't enjoy using it in the side carry which is the position I normally use. It is great for back and stomach carriers though. The ring sling I don't like for back and stomach carries only the side.

Stephanie said...

Our little one is coming in a few months, and I'll be purchasing a Baby Hawk and a wrap before then. I've heard great things about both!

The thing I've heard most from my baby wearing friends is to stay away from the "popular" brands such as Snugli and Baby Bjorn. All my friends said they were uncomfortable, except for one dad who likes his Bjorn.

the niffer said...

Congrats on the new site ladies! Looks great.

I have a Sassy and Rolz wrap (formerly known as Penguin wrap) and I really enjoyed it when baby was little. As he's grown though, I've used it less so he now finds it confining.

I've heard great things about the Ergo carrier but do not own one.

casual friday everyday said...

i love my metro mamma wrap! i'm going to post a picture of the new one I got soon.

I get the strange looks from people and my inlaws dont get it.

I dont much care what they think LOL