Friday, August 24, 2007

It's all about learning as you go

Today Lara and I met a rep that sells quite a few different lines of clothing for kids, including the Peekaboo Beans line. We got to preview the Spring line, and let me tell you, I have one word - WOW! It feels so strange picking out items for Spring when we haven't even hit Fall yet! It was so much fun picking out pieces, and the rep was pretty helpful too in terms of suggesting different combinations of things we might like to carry. The one thing Lara and I learned is that you need to have more tops than you have bottoms.

I love deliveries, and today we got a BIG box from Peekaboo Beans with our second order. It's like Christmas every time something arrives! So check out our site, we just posted the Pixie Dress, and the Patches Hoodie, two very very cute items for your little girl. You'll love them.

For boys, we just got the Arrow Vest, and the Mischevious Hoodie.

Ok, so I have to tell you all what my husband told me this afternoon: "You know what? I think Peekaboo Beans should make a line of Maternity wear!" My husband is a genius (Traci I'm sure you've already thought it), but I have to agree. How I would have loved a pair of Flutter Pants when I was pregnant!
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