Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We're off to a great start!

We hosted our first in-home sales party on Sunday and it went really well! We had about 15 people or so attend (including my mom and Lara's mother in law- two of our best customers!)

Lara and I spent a lot of time folding and organizing clothes, and I guess we must have made some really impressive stacks of clothing because none of our guests wanted to mess up the piles! The clothing rack was a great idea, and people liked being able to sort through the clothes that way. Lara and I are going to invest in a bigger one that collapses so we can bring it with us to parties.

I think the parties work really well for people to touch the clothing, and even try things on their kids. You get a completely difference sense of what the items are like in person.

Let me see, what else did we learn... People really loved the Peekaboo Beans lines, and were looking for more 'playwear' type clothing (translation= fancy sweatpants!) Infant shoes have also been a really big seller so far, so we'll have to make sure we order more sizes.

Now we just need people to start booking parties! Anyone from Ottawa who is reading this- we are offering an additional $15 toward the purchase of products if you host a party before Thanksgiving (and your party earns $250 or more).
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Traci Costa said...

So glad the party went great! We are so excited for you and of course that people love the Peekaboo Beans Playwear! Congrats - keep us posted on how things are going! I am always checking out your blog!