Friday, August 17, 2007

Pricing, tagging, sorting, lather, rinse, repeat

My living room is starting to look more and more like a shop! Our first home party is coming up on Sunday so Lara and I set everything up a bit early (I think partially out of sheer excitement, and partially out of wanting to test it out before we actually set up on Sunday). I have to say, I looks pretty darn awesome! We have coordinating table clothes on my dining room table and sideboard,(actually they are really some green and orange sheets Lara picked up for a good deal at the Superstore), and wooden crates stacked on top of the tables. We even have a small clothes rack from IKEA to hang up some of the samples.

The past couple of days, Lara and I have done nothing put print price labels, stick them on tags, sort clothes, fold clothes, stack clothes, and use our new Swiftach to tag everything. It's tough work! And I don't know if it's the stress, the excitement, a combination of both, or just some kind of weird bug, but both Lara and I experienced these weird bouts of feeling really hot and flushed, and slightly queasy! I hope we aren't coming down with something!

I have to say, I have never worked in a job where I had to literally pry myself away from what I was doing at 11:30 every night and force myself to go to bed- not because I had to get it done, but because I was so excited TO get it done!
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Anonymous said...

I am happy for you guys that you are both so excited about this. Kudos to you for having a dream and for pursuing it.
Now that I am going to be an Auntie, I might actually have a reason to buy from you guys. Yay!!!
Anyways, good luck on Sunday!

Lindsay said..., flushed and queasy...
Maybe you're both pregnant again :) Or maybe that's just me wanting to share my pregnancy misery with you... ;)