Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dirty little secret

Apples'n'Oranges test party is this coming Sunday and we were hoping that we might be able to get the site up in time for the party. It'd be pretty hectic but, we thought we could do it.

After six relaxing days at the cottage, we were just packing up to come home last Thursday when I got a call from Vicky, squealing with delight because she'd just talked to one of our suppliers, Peekaboo Beans, and had gotten some good news. Savvy Mom, a major national web site that sends out newsletters, was going to be featuring their clothing line. And not just any of our suppliers, one of the ones that doesn't sell online yet and who asked us to be their official online distributor!!

Only catch? The newsletter went out yesterday. We had 4 days to get the site up and running and it pretty much wasn't started. Thanks to emergency babysitting by grandparents,Vicky, Eric and I spent practically 4 days solid to get the site up!!

And that's where I feel guilty. Because I wanted all the people who read our blog to see the site first, but we barely were ready in time for Savvy Mom and we needed to start slow.
But we made it through our first day with no major glitches and we couldn't wait an instant longer to say "WE'VE LAUNCHED!" And we think it looks pretty good and you should check it out ;)

Let us know what you think and stay tuned as we tell you a bit more about some of our suppliers.

Peekaboo Beans, by the way, is the most fabulously whimsical line I've ever seen. The fabrics are not only fabulous, they're fun and different from other things. I've been thinking there must be a way I can fit into the size 5 purple petalbottom skant if I just tried hard enough ;)
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lace said...

congratulations! Everything is very cute. I love the clothing choices for girls.